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Away from the hustle bustle of cities, lies a place – STOK KANGRI

Ever been on a trek that is fairly moderate and have enjoyed the luxuries and resilient passes that come across? Well you have hit the right button to know about such an exciting trek- STOK KANGRI.

Situated in Hemis National Park of Ladakh, this infamous trek “Stok Kangri” has recently attained fame due to its moderate level of difficulty . Throughout the world, people rush to this exciting trek, especially from European countries. The place is bestowed with mind-boggling trekking adventures. From an altitude of 11,400 ft to an altitude of 21,100 ft lies the eye-catchy Himalayan range – Stok Range

Stok Kangri is one of the most enthralling journeys of all times. People tend to get fascinated on their way towards Stok Kangri. They say, it’s not the destination that is to be looked for, it’s about the journey that has to been covered. Located within the Stok range of Himalayas and we being The Himalayan Experts have witnessed the most beautiful ranges while trekking with our other fellow mates.  The snow clad mountains, the beautiful landscape and the enthralling beauty of Stok Kangri keeps you captivated and on your toes. I have witnessed the genuine happy faces of people while moving through Stok Village and later on to Chang-ma.

The roadmap goes like – Leh to Chang-ma via Stok Village then From Chang-ma to  Mankorma and from there to the Base Camp, which is at an altitude of 16,300ft. The trekkers have to move towards the Stok Kangri, halting at an altitude of 20,100ft.

Stok Kangri Trek is so charming and bewitching that the trekkers across the globe try to at least once to come down to Ladakh and get on this wildest and craziest trekking that they are going to remember for their lifetime.  The recent trend that is been followed is that people try to make the most of it by being on this trek in order to make their special days such as Birthdays, anniversaries memorable for their whole life. The Stok Kangri trek is indeed one of its kind and the route towards it is even more  alluring and beguiling.


“They say, it’s not the destination that is to be looked for, it’s about the journey that has to been covered. “


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