The trek to the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek will provide to the trekkers a perfect flavour of all hues of terrain- innumerable meadows, snow clad glaciers and pinnacles, passes, rocky barren lands, struggling streams. The trail to the Great Lakes is worth trekking. It does justice to all the expectations of a trekker. No individual will ever undergo but this trek will make you undergo. It is a path to heaven and its virgin serenity.


Kashmir hasalways been admired due to its mesmerizing beauty and lush greenery. The placehas served as a pacifier to many people. It takes you into another realm ofnature and physical artistry. In this beautiful valley lies an adventure,surely that's not to be missed by any adventurist"The Great LakesTrek". The Greatlakes trek in Kashmir is a hand in glove treat for any adventurist out there.The trek takes place in a mesmerizing area called Sonamarg- also known as TheGlacier Ground. The Great Lakes trek is not known by all the people out there,but that doesn't mean it's not worth it. This trek is designed for thebeginners and the enthusiastic nature lovers. Thetrailhead of this Trek is Sonamarg, the living landscape of the shepherds onthe east and Naranag on the west. This trek revolves around lakes that are atreat to one's eyes. The most notable sights are- Vishansar Lake, KrishansarLake, Gadsar Lake, Gangabal Lake and Nundkol Lake. A trekkerneeds to move from Sonamarg to Harmukh, all through the high-altitude lakeswith enthralling scenes of elevated mountains, campsites, and fishing on theway. The view of twin lakes of Gangabal and Nundkol are the most eye-capturingone during the course of the trek.

Brief Itinerary
Day 01:Reach Srinagar and Drive towards Sonamarg

You need to arrive at the summer capital of the state to witness this beautiful experienceof the Himalayas. After you get acquainted at the Hotel, stroll through theboulevard road on foreshore road, alongside Dal Lake, the famous lake of thecity. And visit the ancient Mughal gardens on your way alongside the Lake.Later when you visit Sonamarg, your overnight stay happens to be at the campsite surrounded by the beautiful snowcapped mountains. If you haven't been there yet, I urge you to pack up your bags and move towards Srinagar for a hike that I assure you're going to cherish for all your life.

Day 02:Hike from Sonamarg (7,800ft) to Nichinni (13,350 ft) via Shekdur

You need to start off early in order to reach your first destination-Nichinni on the firstday. As soon as you are done with your breakfast, start the hike at anelevation of 7,800ft and end it by the time you attain an altitude of 11,200ftat Shekdur. You may want to take a look at the marvelous terrain covered withsnow, and the Cyprus trees. When you reach an elevation of 13,350ft, you are finally at your destined spot- Nichinni. Enroute Nichhini you are going towitness some really magnificent lakes and glaciers.

Day 03:Move from Nichinni (13,350 ft) to Vishansar lake (12,170ft)

On this day one needs to get out of the camps and continue the trek taking place from Nichinni to one of the captivating place, Lake Vishansar alongside the lovelymeadows. During this day one has to cover up a whole lot of 13kms stooping down from an altitude of 13,350ft to 12,170ft, passing through enchanting Vishansar Berry.The Vishansar Berry moves alongside a river, needed to be crossed later.As soon as a person reaches the sight, the view is so charming that one can'ttake his/her eyes off of it.The last site at which your cellphone networks,precisely BSNL is going to work.The night happens to be in the meadows of Vishansar valley.

Day 04:Acclimatization and rest Day.

Once you are done with the breakfast, get well acquainted with nature around. You need to make yourself comfortable with the climate and rest for the later part of the day. If you are keen about photography to take some pictures of the enthralling landscape including the lake and the lush green meadows. Move through the green terrain and get along with the wondrous climate of Vishansar. One can even mediate over the charming landscape of Vishansar valley, havingthe crisp air.The overnight stay takes place in the tents.

Day 05: Stoop down from Vishansar(12,170ft)to Gadsar(11,800ft) via Kishansar lake and Gadsar Pass (13,750ft)

After youare well versed in the climate, get along with the gentle inclination of the Trek and start stooping down from an elevated landscape at 12,170ft to 11,800ft. While you keep moving the from Vishansar you need to first reach the highest elevation of the whole trek -Gadsar Pass which is at an altitude of 13,800ft above the sea level. As you move past the Gadsar you tend to explorean eye-captivating scene of Kishansar Lake with the surrounding mountain sposing their reflections into the deep sky blue water body. The trek gets concluded after covering 11kms within a day. As there happens to be an Army Camp at Gadsar pass, Identification Cards are a must to carry on the trek.Campsite for the night takes places in the meadows of Gadsar.

Day 06:Trek towards Satsar (12,050ft) from Gadsar(11,800ft).

Brace yourself for another wonderful trekking day that includes flat terrains, steepslopes, slippery grass and what not. As you are done with your morning meals,get along with the trek that is going to get concluded at Satsar for a day. You need to hike from Gadsar which is at an altimeter of 11,800 ft to Satsar at12,050 ft above the sea level. You can take rest at Maengandob during the dayand have a view of nature bound surroundings.Blue colored irises are hard tomiss while moving towards the landscape of Satsar. Trekking for a day gets concluded with the accomplishment of 12 km till Satsar. The overnight stay as always takes place in the tents.

Day 07:Satsar (12,050ft) to Gangabal twin lakes (11,500ft)

One has to gain a little more will-power on this day, to attain the desired trekking spot for a day.You are going to witness some great ridges, lakes, mountains encircled by clouds and the green grassed meadows.One just has to keep going ina topsy-turvy curve all along the way. There are steep and stoop slopes throughout the day's trek. You are given little breaks in between the trek to gain the lost energy and enthusiasm. After you reach an altimeter of 13,000 ft you tend to witness some ridges along the way. As you move past the ridges moving down into a gentle inclination, you explore an eye-captivating scene- twin lakes: Gangabal and Nundkol. You are going to reminiscence this on a loop for the following part of the trek. From The hike gets concluded at the maximum of 6 hours, if performed in a pattern.The overnight stay takes place inside the tents placed at the campsite of Gangabal.

Day 08:Move down from Gangabal (11,500ft) to Naranag (7,450ft)

Finally,the concluding day of the trek arrives. As soon as you wake up, take time tolook around and feel glad to be a part of the most charming expedition ever.The day ends within 7 hours of moderate hiking, covering about 12 km. From an elevation of 11,500ft, you need to descend towards Narang located at analtimeter of 7,450ft above the hydrosphere. On the way, there are some steepinclinations, muddy roads, and view of the elevated hills descending into Naranag. From Naranag drive towards the capital and have a sightseeing of downtown rush alongthe road beside nature. After you reach Srinagar by the end of the day, stay by the shores of dal-lake, alongside Boulevard Road to give this journey ablissful ending.

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The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is in no need of an introductory treatise. It presents the proem in itself. You can draw a preface of it by just hearing its name. Kashmir is a wonderful place and if you are on a himalayan trek you are bound to taste the natural beauty and adventure. The trek to the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek offers a lifetime experience of vintage memories that are so wonderfully tiring. The thundering silence of the Kashmir lakes and its virgin beauty is spell bound. Apart from the lakes, even the barren milky snow clad mountains stand out in might and proud. The location of this trek, as obvious, is Kashmir, also known as the paradise of the earth. The trek duration calculates around 7-9 days and this trek is often graded as moderate in regards to the trekking challenges. The elevation circles around 13000 feet and the distance paths approximately 63 kms. On such a fulfilling trek you will learn so much learn about yourself- in a trifecta – physically, mentally and emotionally. For a trekker, nothing can replace and prepare him for those paramount and conflicting emotions that whether his body will take so much of strain and whether he will make it or not. But the joy on reaching the destination is obvious. This trek will always be happy and a cherishing trek for the trekkers that comes in handy with a few preparations.

As the trek to the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek demands physical fitness, you must take good care of your health, shape yourself well and be fit and fine. Trekkers can train themselves by working out regularly in gym along with running, walking on incline, cycling, cross-training and stretching on a daily basis. Along with physical health mental fitness is important equally..

While trekking, trekkers must be equipped with the necessary equipments. Apart from the professional trekking gear, stuffs inclusive of trekking shoes, trekking pole are important specifically. Trekkers must never compromise with their body requirements. It's better to understand your body need and not going by the choice of some other fella. The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is not a child's game but even a child of ten years can go on this trek. The luggage or the carry bag should be as light as possible. It will be in your comfort.

An identification card along with a photocopy

Trekking shoes

Full sleeve sweater/fleece jacket

Woollen monkey cap

Thermal innersLight weight rain coat/poncho

Sun glasses, Sun cap and/or head-scarf

Trekking pole

Cold cream and sun screen lotion

LED Torch with extra set of cells

Personal toilet kit (minimal) and toilet paper

Small repair kit consisting of safety pins, needle, thread and string

Personal medicine

Experience of any trek at least once The climber must be fit and have sufficient stamina to cover 5 km of distance in 45 minutes without a stress. The climber should be able to carry a 10 kg backpack. Heart problem, high blood pressure, asthma, and epilepsy cannot be reconciled on this mission. The climber must not have the conditions mentioned above.

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