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A Persian poet had penned down some beautiful lines witnessing the natural artistry in Kashmir .The lines sums up every beautiful trait of scenic Kashmir.“Gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, hami asto, hamin asto, hamin ast.” Translation - “If there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here. As soon as a person steps down on the land of heaven, the cool breezes in the hot summer, the snowflakes in winter, the Golden Chinar leaves in autumn and the colorful tulips in spring , this is what Kashmir brings in for you !. Leisure, Liveliness and Lush greenery are the top traits of Kashmir. The place has also belonged to Maharajas and Mughals long decades ago. The architecture of some renowned places is that similar to Iran. Mughal Architecture gardens namely, Nishat , Shalimar, Harwan are some decade long royalties that are still visited by ‘n‘ number of people throughout the year. The infamous Dal Lake, popularized by most number of Bollywood songs location, is encircled by the Boulevard which turns into Foreshore Rd. later. Numerous Persian architected Shrines, Lots of infamous Gardens and the snow-clad mountains covering the whole valley are breathtakingly beautiful. In all four seasons, Kashmir looks at its best. This place being Spendid along with the warmth of the locals is what it’s famous about. Ranked as the safest city to travel for women, this place gives you lifetime of experiences and memories. Called as Switzerland of Asia, Kashmir has got everthing for you. Get going, into the warmth of Nature; get going towards KASHMIR.

Best Time to arrive:

Throughout the year, Kashmir looks splendid. Always better than the former season. It all depends on the traveler of what kind of spot he/she wants to be on. If the traveler is enthusiastic about the meadows and plains then so far the best season would be spring. If the traveler is an adventurer and wants to be on an expedition then experiencing snow clad peaks of Gulmarg and other places is the best choice to be made and that too during the winters. Summers are full of flowers, fruits and fun. During summers the best place to visit are the Mughal Gardens, Sonmarg, Doodpathri , Lidder Valley etc. One can even visit the other sightseeing spots during summers such as Betab Valley, Pahalgham etc. During the months of October, the season of Autumn looks alluring. The Golden mighty Chinar leaves, make the aura more beautiful, due to its scenic texture of gold and orange. Thus it all depends on your desired type of vacation one wants to be on.

Population and Altitude:

The estimated population of the combined state of Jammu and Kashmir is of around 1.25 crores. With the land occupied is expanded to 222,236 km², the population is mainly of Muslim community with Sikhs and Hindus being the minority. The altimeter at which the capital of the city withstands is of 1,850 mts with Pir Panjal range having an average elevation of 5,000 mts.

Climatic Conditions:

Kashmir comprises of for main seasons, Summer , winter, Autumn(Fall) and Spring. During the months of May-late August , it reflects the place reflects the warmth of summer. During spring, when the tulips are in full bloom, the season starts from the month of May-late June. From the month of July till starting September, Kashmir witnesses the hottest days of all.

Permits, Visas and Restrictions:

No need of any special visa, the normal visas are liable for your permission in the city of Srinagar. Foreign nationals flying down at the airport need to get themselves registered at the airport itself. For any difficulties faced one can call on the following number Foreigners Registration Office number (Srinagar) : 0-194-2483588


The currency used at Kashmir is INR (Indian National Rupees). You can get your currency converted into INR by authorized agencies and credit cards are accepted by all the authorized agents.


As the placed witnesses four different seasons, you will get the accommodations as per your requirements. Be it Hotels, Guest Houses or the House boats (Floating Houses) you will have desired accommodations according to your wish and monetary funds. If you aspire to have altogether a different experience this time, then Floating house is the best accommodation to be in.


Kashmiri cuisine includes distinguished type of Non- Vegetarian food which is rich in spices, herbs and aroma. This sumptuous cuisine had come down to Kashmir while the reign of Mughals in their era. The cuisine is synonym to that of the Iranian cuisine. Some of the well known dishes are – Rogan Josh, Barbecues, Harissa (Haleem), Kebabs, Goshtab etc. Vegetarian, Continental and Chinese food is also available at different places. Kehwa is the most widely famous tea that is abundant in saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, crushed walnuts or almonds and some rose petals for great aroma.

What to bring along during the travel:

Clothes & Footwears:

Long Skirts, Elongated Kurtis, Jeans, Trousers, T-shirts during the season of Summer and Spring. During the winters carry wollen sweaters, long boots, Wollen caps, gloves, mufflers to keep you warm. During the autumn keep lightweight sweaters and shoes along. It’s advisable to carry a scarf or a stole while you happen to visit any shrine. You'll be required to cover your head.

Communication Services:

Internet Services are available at all the tourist spots in Kashmir. Postal Services at every tourist hub are availed. Srinagar, Kashmir is the only place across world where the Post Office is a floating houseboat. This post office is located at Dalgate Srinagar. Telecommunication through Telephone and fax are available at the same offices.


Local taxis /cabs are to be hired in order to do the local sightseeing by the travelers. However you are free to travel by your own cars. The cabs can be hired at the TRC (Tourist Reception Centre) or from the Dalgate surrounded by the infamous Dalake .

Plastic Bags:

Plastic bags and other similar stuff is banned in Kashmir , however tourists are required to place the used cans, plastic bags, plastic bottles etc in the litter bins.

Drinking Water:

Water is fresh and pure at the tourist sites , still during winter to not catch a cold, it’s advisable to take boiled water.

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